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Creating Synergy

Our dedication to bringing you the highest quality in triathlon clothing and wetsuits comes from our experience as athletes. We demand the best and only deliver products that we proudly wear. So we present to you the result of our passion and hard work, and we're pretty excited about it.

Pure intention, integrity, precision

Synergy is the product of a team that lives and breathes swimming, cycling and running. It all came together at what we see as a turning point in the triathlon clothing industry. In spite of booming growth and exciting advances in technology, a disconnect remained between designer, dealer and athlete. That’s where we stepped in. Having worked on the distribution side for years, we already knew the ins and outs of the industry. And so it became clear that, to get the product that we demanded as athletes, we would have to create it ourselves.

The goal: to serve athlete, dealer and distributor at the highest level. Design the best product. Choose manufacturing that supports the design. And, most importantly, work on behalf of our fellow athletes to bring them something that embodies pure intention and premium quality. A product that brings it all together as a triathlete does with swimming, cycling and running. This was the birth of Synergy.