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Building a Better Wetsuit

Wetsuit companies use a host of tools and techniques to construct suits that are fast and comfortable. These are some of the ways they’re working to get you out of the water quicker and happier. Athlete feedback: Many brands rely on professionals and amateurs to critique and improve suit design and fit. Swimming in a […]


Diet & Your Health

I am proud to say that I haven’t had any McDonald’s food in the past 2 years… We used to make the exception on road trips or when it was hard to find another better alternative, but since learning about the devastating effects of Trans Fats it has been hard to look at that Big Mac […]

2013 XTERRA Guam

2013 XTERRA Guam

Xterra Guam… what an incredible race! My buddy, Spelger, a United Airlines captain and all around awesome guy, invited me to come race with him and his buddies in Guam this past March. I thought it was a great opportunity to get back in shape. I had only ever done one Xterra race before, when […]