Giving Back

To achieve Synergy, iphoto-672t is important for us to create a balance between working for profit and working for purpose. Each of us has the intrinsic need for sustainability and the need to do good. At Synergy we are driven by the ambition to make the best products at the best value and provide the best service in the process. We are also driven to balance that competitive mindset with a focus on needs that lie beyond our business, but within our influence. We support many causes and charities with free products and donations. We are currently working on a reclamation project, where we will be offering athletes a $50 discount on our wetsuits and $500 on bikes, if they will send us their old wetsuit/bike in return. We plan to distribute these old wetsuits and bikes for free to our less fortunate triathlon brothers and sisters in third world countries, where access to triathlon equipment is limited or out of reach due to financial despair.

Although we donate t15172_10100210915525675_939499878_no many causes, we donate to for a particular reason: In 2004, my brother and I were on a ride in the Danish countryside, when a deer cub bolted from the side of the road and took my brothers fork clean off of his old Cannondale. Since then, he only rides his Gray RS7 with its fork that is 87% stronger due to advanced geometric engineering). He went face down into the tarmac and split his lip past his nose. He underwent multiple surgeries to replace his teeth and restore his face. Supporting the SmileTrain is in his honor, For only $250 you can change a child’s life forever. Please support this very worthy cause

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