Meet The Crew

Stefan Laursen

Head Designer and Developer of Synergy and Gray. Stefan began racing triathlons in 1983, at 13-years of age. He couldn’t afford to buy his first wetsuit, so he bought smooth skin neoprene and sewed his own. This led to a lifelong passion for triathlon and product development. He raced triathlons professionally for over 15 years and has won more than 100 events. Stefan finished 2nd pro at the USTA National Championships, was a National and Olympic Triathlon Team Member in the late nineties, and also a U23 rider for Telecom.

Jennifer Laursen

Product Development/ Branding / Social Media / Model Jennifer has been an integral part of Synergy from the start. Before there were any other employees, she and Stefan ran the company out of their garage. As a team they presented the products at Interbike in Las Vegas, and have continued to do so. Having been a recreational triathlete herself, as well as being in the fashion industry, she has a lot of knowledge and experience to offer. She continues to be a key part of the company collaborating with the product creation process, branding & naming products, and effectively consulting on product development.

Jason Schoonover

Sales and Marketing Manager. Jason has a been a valued member of our team since 2010. He is very knowledgeable about our sport and the industry. Jason also heads up our customer service department. He prides himself on his knowledge about our products. He is very willing to help you in your decision making process, from wetsuit sizing to wheels. please feel free to contact him with any questions.

Derrick Benson

Derrick is our head of shipping, administration and customer service. Derrick takes his job very seriously and is very meticulous. If you have any questions about your account or shipping questions please do not hesitate to email Derrick at any time. Email:

Sayuri Hess

Sayuri is our Finance and Operations Manager. She's been in the triathlon industry for over 10 years and makes sure that we have the best products available at the best prices. If you have any questions about bulk pricing, team orders or account information, please email Say at:

Shannon Lynard

Graphic Designer/Marketing Communications Manager. Shannon has been with Synergy for over 5 years bringing her knowledge of graphic design, marketing, SEO and social media to the mix. She handles all of Synergy’s advertising and marketing design work and helps bring Stefan’s ideas to reality. Shannon can be reached at: