Apparel Materials

chlorine_resistant ULTRA CHLORINE RESISTANT: Fabric that maintains its elastic quality even when attacked by chlorine thanks to its innovative construction and the use of Xtra Life Lycra
sand_resistant SAND RESISTANT: No annoying grains of sand between the fibers as this fabric has been made specifically to keep the sand from getting stuck in your swimsuit.
ultra_flat ULTRA FLAT: 50% thinner than a classic charmeuse, it’s like a second skin.
feather_light FEATHERWEIGHT: Light as a feather. This fabric is also revolutionary for its weight: only 155 grams per square meter.
excellent_coverage EXCELLENT COVERAGE:Compact and covering fabric. Though featherweight and ultra flat, it provides outstanding coverage without the risk of see-through.
excellent_uv_protection EXCELLENT UV PROTECTION: Curb the effects of the sun. The new structure and the particular fibers used, provide exceptional sun protection: UPF 50+.
quick_drying QUICK DRYING: Ready in a flash. Thanks to its particular, thinner design, it dries much quicker than traditional charmeuse.
exceptional_breathability EXCEPTIONAL BREATHABILITY: Comfortable in every situation: the light yet durable fabric absorbs sweat and allows for its natural evaporation.
non_curling NON-CURLING: It can be creatively used in a variety of ways thanks to its elastic memory which keeps it from curling at the edges and making it ideal even for raw cuts.
shape_retention SHAPE RETENTION: Garments that maintain their shape and remain comfortable even after several uses, thanks to the presence of Xtra Life Lycra combined with the squared stretch of this fabric.
pilling_resistant PILLING RESISTANT: Fabric that is always smooth and pleasant to touch. Tests demonstrate that it resists to abrasions and pilling, with the highest pilling value of 5.