Apparel Technology


Dynamic Apparel

At Synergy, we use a variety of engineered fabrics and materials to produce our technically advanced garments. The SynSkin2 and SynSkin Jammer uses a newly developed, ultra high denier Italian fabric. This fabric has both superior water repellent properties and provides significant compression. These two factors makes this fabric ideal for advanced high performance swimming and the material has just obtained Fina approval making it legal for ITU triathlon events as well. We call the fabric SynSkin, the same name as our elite swim skin.

Apparel Creation

There is an ongoing effort to source, develop and test new materials and to refine designs in order to boost performance. From moisture transfer, to thermal, to compression to cooling, to wind breaking, we are aiding in developing the materials that lead to ultra high performance.


Synergy custom develops materials such as F2R – a fabric with hydrophobic properties to draw moisture away from the skin. Soft, comfortable, it is also anti-microbial thanks to silver threading in the fabric-It has become first choice of our custom order clients. We manufacture large volumes of F2R jerseys in our US factory every year. Synergy F2R jerseys are the select jerseys worn by Team in Training and ALS amongst others. Our Distance Tri Jerseys feature the same high tech, high performance materials and quality.


The Sprint jersey, on the other hand, uses high quality Italian Lycra material with anti chlorine properties that enhances active cooling and when wet will lower body temperature by as much as 2 degrees. This material is also very aerodynamic and will not expand when wet, which is often a problem with cheap nylon. The material has the right ‘weight to release ratio’, which makes it feels light to wear, easy to put on and take off, and as an added bonus, it is SPF 50+!

Apparel Swatches

Our Tri Shorts utilizes a tighter gauge Polaymide Lycra, which optimizes semi-compression with excellent weight to flexibility ratio. We chose this fabric after countless samples of various other contending fabrics. Our entire team tried each trishort sample and all testers are experienced triathletes, so it was telling that all chose the same version of fabric.